NUON organization for peace building, supported by  the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts  “GPPAC”, held an activity for world peace day under the heading ( we plant for peace)in Aley,Al-Arman neighborhood. Continue reading

Nuon Organization for Peace-Building in the International Peace Day 22-9-2014 went in walk in peace under the panner from the heart of Lebanon to the wounded Syria to deliver a massage  (for peace stop the war in Syria).
The activities started with drawing workshop for kids in Al Sanayeh Garden and signing a petition asked for international community intervening to stop war in Syria and spread peace delivered to the United Nations, signing a petition thanking the Lebanese for hosting the refugees from Syria delivered to the Lebanese government, . signing a petition neutralizing the refugees from the latest conflicts in Lebanon delivered to the ministry of social affairs. Then a walk from Al Sanayeh Garden to City Hall, the government administration building. Continue reading
From The Heart of Lebanon to The wounded Syria
For Peace Stop The War in Syria
After all the suffering from war and destruction the Syrians still want peace and because we want the world to hear our voice, Nuon Organization for Peace-building is inviting you to
Walk in peace day 22-9-2014 under the name:
“From the heart of Lebanon to the wounded Syria” Continue reading
Nuon Organization for Peace Building in its office in Beirut established a consultative meeting about the Syrian women …challenges and opportunities .
12 active ladies in the civil society in the part of women’s rights attended.
the talking was about the roadmap and the basis for action about this sensitive file especially what they are suffering from in Syria and the countries of refuge of tragic and complex circumstances.
the attendees came up with some outputs and recommendation for action in the future.
Noun Organization for Peace building established a workshop in Beirut entitled Enabling the Civil Society in Syria to document the violation of human rights in the fields of kidnapping and forced absence cases, the organization hosted 20 persons from Syria and trained them on documentation processes.
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Noun Organization for Peace-building cooperating with Permanent Peace Movement established a conference entitled: The risk of possessing and using small and light weapons in Syria In January 25 and 26 In Beirut, in the presence of Syrian civil society association, journalists, human rights activists and international organization interested in this.
The conference concentrated on the danger anarchist spread of arms all over Syria because of it’s dangerous returns on the future of Syria and it’s peace especially the case of child soldiers which is carried by all parties and this has catastrophic results on these children who are a pillar of the future of Syria .The participants put a plan for the next phase to reduce these incident and to start a pact between all the associations and views of civil society to work together in this field
Nuon organization is very pleased to invite the civil society activists from Syria to attend a workshop that focus on  documenting the violations of human rights (documenting of kidnapping, forced absence, physical and psychological torture). This workshop will be held in October – 2013, in Beirut for five days. In this workshop, we will provide all the necessary skills for documenters in order to enable them to improve their abilities to work inside Syria in documenting violations that have been committed by all parties. And we aim to make them an activated basis in Syrian civil society.
Selection criteria
1- She/he works inside Syria.
2- She/he is between 25-40 years old.
3- She/he is from middle and southern governorates (there is another workshop for activists form northern governorates and we will determine its date later).
4- She/he has general idea about documenting subjects and we prefer if she/he works in this area.
5- She/he believes in human rights as a base in her/his life.
Applications should be sent by Email to:
Note (all expenses are covered by the organization)
Nuon organization for peace-building
The organization has established a workshop to empower civil society in Syria (Civil Peace), many subjects were in this workshop: Documenting of Human right violations, introduction to the concepts of Citizenship, Conflict Resolution, Peace Building, limiting of children recruitment in armed conflict. Workshop was from 3 rd Mar. 2013 to 7 th Mar. 2013.
Kidnappings phenomena pervaded in Syrian regions, it became a real problem which we must study it, its essence and the ways that make us reduce from this problem. The number of Abductees have risen, the goals of these phenomena were several: for revenge or for money, and in two cases, many people died. In some cases, the ransoms have reached to astronomical sums. Two feuding sides were behind kidnappings. And sometime, gangs which have reappeared in the absence of government and law were responsible about kidnappings phenomena.
The organization will provide all required skills and experiences to the cadres in order to be able to limit from this modern and seriously phenomenon which became a real threat to civil peace in Syria.

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